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At Balanced Ingredients, we specialize in providing consulting services that optimize business strategies, align technology and processes, and foster a positive organizational culture. Our mission is to help our clients create a balanced and sustainable business that delivers exceptional value to all stakeholders.

a computer monitor and plants on a table
a computer monitor and plants on a table


We believe in conducting business with the highest level of integrity, honesty, and transparency.


We foster innovation and continuously seek new ways to improve and stay ahead in a rapidly changing business landscape.

We embrace inclusion in all ways, knowing the rich tapestry of background, identity, and thought is the DNA of success.

Drew Williams headshot
Drew Williams headshot
Drew Williams

I grew up in a household with a mother who was a home economics teacher, dietician, and led school cafeterias (everything was made from scratch). She stressed the connection between proper nutrition and development and learning; all students were fed, not as a privilege, but a right. A child of the Great Depression, her family operated a small grocery store. My great- and grandparents made sure everyone who came into that store had food, regardless of income. My great grandmother immigrated from Poland and the recipes she passed down to my mom orally are ones that I still make. At an early age, I learned about the science of food and the results of preparing it in different ways. The fascination of the science intrigues, so much so that I started exploring the science of ice cream--the chemical properties, the reaction to freezing, etc. and started making flavors that fused unlikely ingredients. The flavors came together, dancing in the mouth with delight. I attended the 131st annual Penn State University ice cream course (a week-long intensive course covering topics including chemical composition of milk, ice molecules, and taste comparisons). So why am I starting my background talking about food?

My professional career started as technology was taking root in business, and I had to straddle traditional job tasks with charting the path to digital. I have encouraged early technology adoption in a design thinking approach to creating, innovating, and continuously improving cultures. I remember the day when someone called the office and said she could send a check via fax. My assistant had to kindly explain that putting the check in the fax machine didn't mean what came out the other side could be taken to the bank! I soon witnessed organizations trying to fit the technology into past practices and processes when it meant a whole new way of thinking about the end-to-end functions of an organization. Throughout my career, I have led change management to transform marketing functions, develop new digital products, redefine business processes, implement cost-effective technology systems, and engage staff to innovate--beginning with the desired strategic goals and plans. These business elements are like the ingredients in a recipe: you need the right mix. One ingredient may overpower the flavor of the other ingredients, or it may taste bland because there are not enough spices or herbs. Balancing the type of technology systems with staff capabilities and desired customer engagement; business, inventory management, and manufacturing processes; and alignment of budget structures with data analytics are all ingredients for the recipe called strategic and business plans. It all starts with the end in mind. Just like understanding the science of adding baking powder and soda, you have to understand how all the ingredients work together to accomplish the end goal. Once you understand the essential ingredients, you can begin innovating on other ingredients to create a recipe that is uniquely yours

I started my career in non-profit, B2B, and B2C environments in varied industries. This experience not only strengthened my skills and gave me rich knowledge of multiple industries (I can share knowledge from about residential green building to hair replacement systems!) but allowed me to bring innovative approaches in higher education administration, managing student media, campus programming, leadership development, student center operations, and new student orientation, including teaching a first-year student course (University of Charleston, Gettysburg College, Drexel University, Rollins College). At Rollins, I was the General Manager of WPRK-FM and an on-air host for a classical music program. As part of students' out-of-classroom experience, I introduced technology for producing and managing media platforms, giving students a competitive advantage in the job market. Student media groups were recognized with over a dozen awards from college media organizations.

Relocating to Washington, DC, I worked for a B2B media company that focused on the residential construction industry. I designed a project management tracking and collaboration tool using Access (well before off-the-shelf applications were available) to manage 400+ projects per year--from bids to reviews to budgets). I spearheaded the efforts to transform the largest home building trade association (240,000 members) traditional-based marketing to a digital strategy, digitizing content, introducing online learning, integrating industry-related content that created new revenue opportunities, and pioneering social media, where my team won over 12 national awards for innovative campaigns. Serving as the first chief marketing officer for a higher education association, I established a department, introduced technology systems that resulted in increased revenue, provided data analytics for decision-making, and re-branded the association, which increased awareness. As COO of an e-commerce company, I was the chief executive responsible for implementing the organization's vision and strategies. In this role, I lead a cross-organizational team to streamline and simplify technology systems (saving over $1.4M/year) to create a positive omnichannel customer experience, team productivity, and operational efficiencies. Throughout my career, I have led organizations through change management--whether creating a department or evolving to a digital marketing strategy--working across organizations to align processes, staffing, technology, and product delivery with strategies and plans that create cultures of engagement and excitement.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in English from Lebanon Valley College (PA) and a Master’s in Mass Communications from Miami University (OH). I have participated in hundreds of continuing education opportunities, including presenting at national conferences on video and photography licensing, trademarking and copyright, data privacy, managing change and transforming organizational culture, content, digitizing content, generational trends, and team diversity and inclusion. Outside of my work, in addition to ice cream making and home canning (I won 13 ribbons in 2022 at fairs for entries of three types of pickles, beets, tomatoes, tomato juice, and elderberries), I volunteer for hunger-related organizations where my passion is around the impact on development and learning of children due to hunger, food scarcity, and food desserts I also enjoy hiking, reading, and exploring the food scene.