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Drew Fudala Williams

Business & Brand Positioning | Systems & Process Design Finance & Operations Alignment | Team Development

Drew Williams headshot
Drew Williams headshot

Drew Fudala Williams is a forward-thinking, transformational leader whose exceptional leadership has led to award-winning teams in multiple organizations. With a wealth of experience across various industries and business environments, Drew sparks innovation by applying his cross-sector experience and insights. He is known for building departments from the ground up, and throughout his career, he has revolutionized infrastructure design as part of digital transformation. He is astute at analyzing complex issues from multiple perspectives to identify the path forward and to provide practical solutions that solidify business sustainability and growth. Drew’s enthusiasm and optimism ignite an organizational culture of inclusion. He listens respectfully, encourages a growth mindset, and inspires others to reach their full potential.

Senior Executive Who Evolves Brands and Transforms Business Systems

Drew possesses an adept grasp of the big picture while having a unique gift for managing a workforce and appreciating the critical aspects of team dynamics. A very effective leader, Drew is well-versed in strategy and able to turn on a dime to address fluctuating priorities rapidly." -Rebecca Callahan, Sr. Manager, Deloitte

"As COO, Drew tackled unprecedented challenges with courage and determination. He led extraordinary organizational transformation by adjusting the structure to new realities, identifying leaders (all women) as the management team, and inspiring all staff. Drew is a rare breed, and I highly recommend him as an executive leader in any organization."
-William Biesecker, II, CEO/Owner, HairDirect